DLiTE students are able to register for classes after they’ve been fully accepted to the program. Please check DLiTE Admission Requirements first.

Because this is a cohort model program, there are specific sections of courses for your cohort each semester. If you are unsure which cohort you are in, please request that information from your faculty advisor or from the DLiTE program manager at dlite@bemidjistate.edu.

For your first semester in DLiTE – you should be taking the following courses:

  • ED 3100-93 Intro to Foundations of Public School Education
  • ED 3110-93 Educational Psychology

Most students must stay on the established schedule of the program in the fall and spring semesters. In some cases, transfer students who have taken approved substitutions for the above courses may end up with a different first semester schedule. Connect with your faculty advisor Dr. Lisa Krall if you feel you have suitable courses to substitute.