DLiTE may take place primarily online but having a mentor ensures you will get practical experience as well.

*We are unable to accept mentor applications from teachers in the Bemidji School District at this time, unless the student is already employed by the school district.

Finding A Mentor

One of the great aspects of the DLiTE program is the use of the Teacher Mentor Support System for our student teachers. Each student is required to choose a K-6 Teacher Mentor currently teaching in a public school with at least three years experience to support them throughout their DLiTE learning experience. The mentor teacher with whom you will work must be licensed in the area in which you are seeking licensure. Please note: The mentor you choose must be in a setting where all elementary subjects are covered during the school day. Those not eligible: Art, Music, English as a Second Language (ESL), Special Education, Science or Math teachers whose primary focus is on a specific subject area.

Your mentor will receive $125 stipend per semester, and the time commitment will be 3-5 hours per month. The mentor is the most powerful aspect of our DLiTE Program design, offering up practical viewpoints on teaching. We have detailed the mentor information below to help you learn everything there is to know about the Teacher Mentor piece of the DLiTE Program. Be sure to view the tutorial and pass along to your teacher mentor.

For Mentors

  1. A completed and signed DLiTE Mentor Application is required for each student in our programs. Please download this form, complete in full, sign and obtain the signature from your principal. Then scan and email it to the DLiTE Program at this address: dlite@bemidjistate.edu
  2. This power point presentation will provide additional details about the requirements and expectations of mentors in our program.
  3. The mentor Handbook will also provide information about the role.

Thinking of Becoming a Mentor

We are looking for teacher mentor and principal teams to give the student support during the semester. The principal will have no responsibilities other than to sign the application and participate in one short interview during their practicum. Both the mentor and the principal will be considered part of our team.

Mentors Must

  • Occasionally administer tests to student.
  • Give us feedback on student progress and the program. An email to dlite@bemidjistate.edu will always get to the right person for your questions or concerns apart from the open discussions.
  • Help us find practicum venues where pre-service teacher candidates can practice teaching.This might be in the Mentor’s classroom or another classroom in the community. The hours of observations are usually 20-40 hours. Student teaching is done in the student’s final semester and we will assign the school and teacher supervisor.
  • Act as a coach and mentor as needed, answering questions posed by the student regarding experiences with certain key elements of successful pedagogy such as how to motivate students and differentiate instruction.

Your estimated commitment per semester will vary between 20-40 hours. Mentors will be paid $125 stipend per semester and can earn CEU’s as requested. To receive your stipend at the end of the semester, you will need to complete some forms with BSU as a “new employee”. You will be receiving an email from Lynn Johnson (Lynn.Johnson@bemidjistate.edu) to confirm your acceptance as a mentor and with additional details on the next steps. Once you complete the intake process (initiated from NoReply@MinnState.edu), you will receive your stipend at the end of each semester you serve as a mentor.