Before enrolling in any FasTrack courses, all students complete:

FasTrack Student Orientation Course

We have designed this no-cost, no credit prerequisite orientation course to help you discover if credits you have earned from previous degrees can count toward your licensure and to prepare students for success in the online coursework and in the field experiences and student teaching.

Fastrack Student Orientation includes content and details the transcript review process that involves having a content area expert personally review your previous transcripts.

The Student Orientation must be completed a summer, fall or spring prior to starting the first semester FasTrack coursework.

The Student Orientation is available all semesters. Students may start the orientation throughout the semester but must complete all orientations requirements before the university-scheduled last day of the semester. During the application process we will enroll you in the orientation course.


The course includes a series of modules that include readings, videos and opportunities to meet your fellow cohort classmates. The intro course helps orient students to the culture of k-12 education and provides support on how to: locate a mentor, purchase student liability insurance and be a successful online learner.

During FasTrack Student Orientation, students also have an opportunity to meet their future classmates and professors!