TESL Partnership between Bemidji State University and St. Cloud State University

Bemidji State University and St. Cloud State University partner to offer a k-12 Teaching English as a Second Language (TESL) initial teaching license. Complete the “how to teach” education courses with FasTrack at Bemidji State, and complete the TESL content courses and student teaching at St. Cloud State University!!

Where to start: First connect with SCSU to determine your ability to complete the content courses with SCSU.

If all is approved by SCSU, apply to BSU. To be eligible for this license, you must apply and be accepted to both universities. Please discuss this program option with both universities to determine your plan of study.

Bemidji State University

Apply to BSU to take your Education “How to Teach” courses. These courses will be provided through BSU FasTrack. Required courses: ED 5100, ED 6107, ED 5350, ED 5140, ED 5780, HLTH 5400 & ED 5799

Plan to complete FasTrack Student Orientation before officially starting FasTrack.

  • FasTrack is a hybrid/online cohort initiative. There are THREE mandatory Face-to-Face meetings (in the Twin Cities) per year.
  • Contact: Dr. Jessamay T. Pesek, PEDL and FasTrack Coordinator
  • Email: jpesek@bemidjistate.edu

St. Cloud State University

Upon acceptance into the TESL program you will assigned to an adviser who will review your transcript to determine what content courses will be required for you to qualify for the licensure. Your adviser will also make recommendations as to the sequence of courses for the licensure.

For questions about the TESL courses through St. Cloud State University: