FasTrack in Music Education

K-12 Vocal and General Music or K-12 Instrumental and General Music

Required Credits: 41-43
Required GPA: 2.5

Prospective students interested in pursuing licensure in vocal or instrumental music education may do so in Bemidji State University’s FasTrack program. Most music education courses will be taken during a single one-month summer intensive program. The remaining music education and professional education courses will be taken online over the next three semesters followed by a semester of student teaching. FasTrack in Music Education students choose either the K-12 choral and general music licensure track or the K-12 instrumental and general music licensure track.


To be admitted to the FasTrack program in music education, you must hold a bachelor’s degree in music or have significant musical experience including the ability to read music. Knowledge of Western classical music history and music theory is expected. This requirement may be met by transcript or by examination at the discretion of the Director of Music Education. The ability to perform on an instrument or as a singer at the level of an undergraduate senior recital is expected. Studio lessons, ensemble participation, and the presentation of a recital may be required.


All summer courses in the FasTrack may be applied to the Master of Music Education. The MME may be completed in two additional summers. The coursework for the next two summers is very similar. However, the completion of MUS 6853 Capstone (in the form of a project, recital, or research document) during the third summer is also expected.

Two additional semesters of MUS 6804 Graduate Lesson (beyond those completed during FasTrack) are required. This means that FasTrack students will take four semesters of graduate lessons during fall and spring terms.

The Master of Music Education program requires 33 credit hours of study, 10 of which are completed through FasTrack. All FasTrack students are automatically admitted to the MME program, should they choose to complete that degree.



FasTrack Student Orientation *This is a 0-credit mandatory online course you will be enrolled in upon admission

MUS 5111     Graduate Musicianship I (2 credits)

MUS 5210     Graduate Music Ensemble (1 credit)

MUS 5301     Models of Music Learning I (2 credits)

MUS 5401     Topics in Music Education I (1 credit)

MUS 5601     Music Materials, Literature, and Analysis I (2 credits)

Choose one of these courses:

MUS 5640     Choral Conducting and Pedagogy (2 credits)

MUS 5740     Instrumental Conducting and Pedagogy (2 credits)

Total: 11 credits


MUS 6804     Graduate Lesson (applied music) (1 credit)

ED 5100         Introduction to the Foundations of Public School Education (3 credits)

ED 6107         Advanced Educational Psychology (3 credits)

Total: 7 credits


MUS 6804     Graduate Lesson (applied music) (1 credit)

MUS 5505     Music Education Field Experience (1 credit)

ED 5140        Human Relations in Education (3 credits)

ED 5350        Pedagogy: Planning for Instruction (3 credits)

ED 5780        Adaptation and Management: Designing the Learning Environment (3 credits)

Total: 11 credits


ED 5737        Content Area Reading (3 credits)

ED 5799        The Professional Teacher (1 credit)

HLTH 5400    Health and Drugs in Society (2 credits)

Total: 6 credits


ED 5840         Student Teaching

Total: 6-8 credits