Special Education

Special Education Licensure Programs

BSU offers licensures in the areas of Specific Learning Disabilities, Autism Spectrum Disorder, and Emotional Behavioral Disorders.

Please note the following regarding the special education licensure programs:

  • Special education licensure candidates are encouraged to apply for the Master in Special Education degree program after completing the majority of the required coursework for licensure. Course credits completed for special education licensure will transfer into the Master degree credit requirement.
  • All required special education licensure courses are online courses
  • Special education licensure courses require 15-30 hours of field experiences under the guidance, observation, and evaluation of a teacher coach/mentor with a standard, full-time MN teaching license in the specific disability area the candidate is pursuing. A minimum of three years of special education teaching experience is also required.
  • Since courses fill up quickly, candidates are strongly encouraged to register for courses as soon as registration opens each semester to secure a spot.
  • Special education candidates are required to have a mentor with a current specialty license (ASD, SLD or EBD) in the category that they are seeking.
  • Candidates who do not meet prerequisites, do not follow their plan of study, and/or have not obtained instructor permission to enroll in a course, will be dropped from the course.

Special Education Core Courses:

  • ED 3/5201 Language Arts 1 (3cr)
  • SPED 3/5600 Study of the Learner with Special Needs (3cr)
  • SPED 3/5650 Collaborative Techniques for Special Educators (3cr)
  • SPED 4/5715 Curriculum Techniques with Special Populations (3cr)
  • SPED 3/5655 Due Process in Special Education I: Individual Education Planning (3cr)
  • SPED 6603 Math Difficulties: Diagnosis and Intervention (3cr)
  • SPED 6608 Reading Difficulties: Diagnosis and Intervention (3cr)
  • SPED 6605 Due Process in Special Education II: Assessment (3cr)
  • SPED 3/5105 Professional Practice in Special Education I (1cr)
  • SPED 3/5106 Professional Practice in Special Education II (1cr)
  • SPED 3/5107 Professional Practice in Special Education III (2cr)

SLD Methods Courses:

  • SPED 3/5620 SLD I (3cr)
  • SPED 6620 SLD II (3cr)

EBD Methods Courses:

  • SPED 3/5630 EBD I (3cr)
  • SPED 6630 EBD II (3cr)

ASD Methods Courses:

  • SPED 3/5660 ASD I (3cr)
  • SPED 3/5665 Social Skills(3cr)
  • SPED 6660 ASD II (3cr)

For more information, contact:

Dr. Miriam White
BSU Professional Education Department
Office: 218-755-3744

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