Select a below video guide to learn how to navigate through Student Learning & Licensure (SL&L) by Watermark. Each video is 1-4 minutes in length.


Logging in to SL&L: Video Guide 

  • SL&L Login Page
  • Username Email Format:
  • Tip: After selecting the ‘Send Link’ button, you should see a confirmation message stating that the link was sent. If you do not see this message, try selecting the ‘Send Link’ button again.


Submitting an Assignment in SL&L: Video Guide

Withdrawing an Assignment in SL&L for Re-Submission: Video Guide


Submitting Electronic Field Experience Hours in SL&L: Video Guide

  • Candidates must enter hours separated by each day. The electronic log should reflect each day that candidates are completing hours. For example, entering 20 hours in one day is not acceptable and will not be approved.
  • Hours in SL&L will be approved or rejected by the Host/Mentor Teacher. This approval is needed to receive a grade in most courses and is needed for the hours to count towards the 100 total hours required for Student Teaching.

Placement Information Form: Video Guide DLITE, FasTrack and Special Education Students ONLY

  • DLiTE, FasTrack and Special Education students please complete the Placement Information Form by Friday, February 18th. Host/Mentor Teacher SL&L accounts will be created after this date and Placement Information will then be entered into SL&L by BSU staff. Please note that until this information has been entered, the Placement Details within SL&L will be empty and your Host/Mentor Teacher will not have access to approve your field log; however, you can begin completing your field log at any time.


Submitting Documents in Advising Cohort Folder: Video Guide

If you previously submitted documents to Taskstream, you do not need to move Taskstream items to SL&L as the department still has access to those submissions.

Contact Information for SL&L Assistance

Please review the video guides above prior to reaching out for additional support.

Watermark Customer Service

  • Phone: (800) 311-5656

Follow the menu prompts to be transferred to SL&L support

Hours: Monday-Thursday 7am-8pm and Friday 7am-6pm (Central)

BSU Contact

Amanda Chesley