Teacher Training & Diversity

The Education program prepares teachers to effectively teach students with disabilities by providing them with field experiences in classrooms with identified special education students.

These students with special needs are part of the regular classroom where modifications are made on a daily basis to provide them with the Least Restrictive Environment.

Field experiences are built in our Standards of Effective Practice courses as well as in each of the major license areas. All education students take ED 3780: Adaptation and Management as part of the standards of effective practice. This course addresses diversity, limited English proficiency, Special Education Individual Education teams, Special Education students and at risk students.

Students in our on campus block program are required to do 60 hours of additional field experience at Red Lake Elementary Schools. The online programs offer roles in Chinese student immersion programs in the Minneapolis/St. Paul School Districts. Field experiences vary within this program, but they often expand into other areas and include Special Education students, process and curriculum modifications.

Diversity & Special Education Teachers

Special Education teachers must complete ten of the twelve courses in our licensure programs. Additionally, students are required to complete 20 hours of field experience in a variety of educational settings including standard education, Special Education and ESL. These field experiences are directed with clear goals and expectations defined in section 614 (d)(1)(B) of the Individuals with Disabilities Act.

Students must work at elementary, middle and high school levels, in order to gain a practical understanding of special education practices across different age groups of students. Students take a due process course and are expected to participate in the IEP meeting for this course.