Announcing our inaugural Indigenous Students in Psychology Training (InPsyT) cohort

The psychology department received a MinnState system Innovation grant to create a culturally based cohort program called Indigenous Students in Psychology Training (InPsyT). The goal of InPsyT is to train and prepare American Indian students for careers in psychology. American Indians are the least represented racial group in college and have the lowest retention and graduation rates for Higher Education. InPsyT will offer mentoring opportunities and a support network with Native Psychologists and mental health professionals. Cohort members will also learn about American Indian Psychology and behavioral health, receive training on Indigenous research methodologies, and have the opportunity to attend the annual Society of Indian Psychologists conference

Specific activities the cohort can participate in:

  • Student Orientation for new cohort members
  • Bi-weekly cohort luncheons with BSU psychology faculty members
  • American Indian guest speaker events
  • Mentoring with Native Psychologists in the region and across the US
  • Research opportunities and training through course options and mentored research projects
  • Attendance at the Society of Indian Psychologist Conference

While the mentoring and support will target the American Indian psychology majors, the programming such as American Indian guest lectures will be open to all psychology majors at BSU and some symposium by Native psychologists will be open to the wider BSU campus.

We were fortunate enough to secure funding to support six students in the first cohort for the 2021-2022 academic years. Please join us in welcoming our inaugural group of InPsyT program students:

  • Shalene Head
  • Raeanne Henry
  • Brittany Lavelle
  • Kameron Saxon
  • Whitney Spears
  • Ashly Spry

Questions? Contact any of the psychology faculty listed below:

John Gonzalez, PhD (,

Sarah Cronin, PhD, LP (, or

Angie Fournier, PhD LP (