About the Program

The Department of Psychology at BSU offers students two options for the major: the Bachelor of Arts (BA) and the Bachelor of Science (BS).

There is no difference in requirements – we offer both degrees to make it easier for students to pursue a double major.

In general, if you are pursuing a BA in another field, you should pursue a BA in Psychology. If you are pursuing a BS in another field, opt for the BS track in Psychology. Otherwise, you’ll need to accumulate more than the standard 120 credits for your Bachelor’s degree.

We also offer a minor.

Psychology Program Admission and Registration

Once you have been accepted as a student at BSU, becoming a psychology major or minor is easy. Simply contact the BSU Records Office and tell them that you want to be a Psychology major or minor. There are no additional requirements.

Registration for Spring Semester courses usually takes place toward the end of October. Registration for Fall Semester Courses usually takes place in March.  Before registering for courses you will need to meet with your advisor to obtain a registration access code. It is important to meet with your advisor and to register for courses early to ensure you can get into the courses you need. Courses often fill quickly.

Working with your Psychology Advisor

If you declare psychology as your major when you first enroll at BSU you will automatically be assigned an Advisor from the Psychology Department. If you declare Psychology as your major after you have been enrolled here as a student, you will need to contact the Chair of the Psychology Department and ask to be assigned to an advisor in the major.

Early in your college career, you should discuss your interests and career goals with your advisor and work out a plan of study that best fits your needs.  You should visit with your advisor at least once a semester before you register for classes to discuss your progress and update your plans.

Transfer and Returning Students

Students who have transferred to BSU or those who are returning to BSU after a period of absence can find out more about their credit and course requirements in Student Resources.