1. Can I earn a Psychology degree online from BSU?

Answer: Yes. We are excited to launch this new program, which offers great flexibility to working or off-campus students. However, not all courses are yet available online. Many online courses will offered n the summer semester – be sure to check the summer class schedule in early March.

2. What is the difference between the BS and BA in psychology at BSU? Is one better than the other?

Answer: There is no difference. Although students completing the psychology major at BSU can choose to have a BA or BS recorded on their transcripts, the requirements for these two degrees are exactly the same. The option to choose one or the other exists only to allow students with more than one major to match their psychology degree with their other major. Both degrees are highly respected in the field of psychology.

3. Does BSU offer a Master’s or other graduate degree in psychology?

Answer: No. In the recent past there was a Master’s degree program offered in Counseling Psychology, but this program has been terminated. There may continue to be a few graduate courses available to help graduates of this program and other professionals with licensure requirements. Generally, these will be mixed courses with undergraduate and graduate students in attendance.

4. How do I become a Psychology Major?

There are no special admission requirements for the psychology major. The major is open to anyone who has been accepted as a student to BSU. Simply contact the BSU Records Office and tell them you wish to be a psychology major.

5. How do I get an advisor in Psychology?

Answer. If you are new to BSU and declared Psychology as your major when you were first accepted, you will automatically be assigned an advisor in the psychology department. If you declared psychology as your major after you were admitted to BSU, you will need to contact the psychology Department Chair and asked to be assigned to an advisor.

6. All the courses I want are full. What can I do?

Answer. Courses in Psychology often fill quickly. It is very important to register for your courses as soon as possible once the registration period has opened. If you do get closed out of courses, you have several options.

  • Get on the University waitlist for the course. If a spot opens up you will be notified and have 24 hours to register before the spot is offered to the next person on the list.
  • Check the enrollments daily. Students often drop courses after they register. Sometimes a full course will have several spots open up before the start of the semester.
  • Ask the instructor to give you permission to register for the full class. Instructors can add students to classes over the course limit after the University waitlist system shuts down. This will happen a week before classes start. Instructors may, or may not, be willing to let students register for a full course. It will depend on the course and the individual instructor, and students with the greatest need will be given priority.
  • Develop a back-up plan and register for other courses. Since you can not always expect to get into the courses you want, develop a back-up list of courses you could take if your first choices fill up. The back-up course do not need to be in psychology. In addition to completing your psychology major you will also need to complete the requirements of the BSU Liberal Education program and acquire additional credits to make the 120 credits needed for a Bachelor’s degree. These additional credits can be in any subject area related to your interests. Most students will find that they even have time to work on a minor or second major in another field while completing their psychology degree.