Careers in Psychology

Psychology – like law or medicine – is a profession that requires advanced training after college. If you’re interested in a career in Psychology, you should start planning for graduate school now.

A full-time student can usual complete a Master’s program in about 2 ½ years and a Doctoral program in about 5 years. Graduate school is a significant investment in time and money, but opens doors to career opportunities and salaries not available to student with only a Bachelor’s degree. At the professional level students can pursue careers as researchers, counselors, clinicians, school psychologists, forensic psychologists, industrial psychologists and more. To learn more about the career options for psychologists talk with your advisor and visit the following web pages on the topic:

Professional Careers in Other Fields

Psychology majors are not limited to professional careers in psychology. With a good college GPA they can enter graduate level professional programs in a wide variety of fields, including business administration, law, medicine, public health, occupational therapy, student development and more. Students interested in such professions may find it helpful to have a second major in a field related to their interests. Possible second majors include biology, business, political science, environmental science, sociology, and health education.

Careers With a Bachelor’s Degree

Psychology majors with a Bachelor’s degree can expect to find work after college, and many find satisfactory employment in human service organizations and other businesses. But, these students are likely to find limited opportunities for advancement.  Psychology majors not planning to go to graduate school after college should consider a second major to increase their skills and opportunities for employment. Possible second majors include business, criminal justice, nursing and social work, among others. Visit the BSU Career Services Office to learn more about careers options and majors that may fit your interests and abilities.

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