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Minnesota Undergraduate Psychology Conference

2016 will mark the 51st year in which the Minnesota Undergraduate Psychology Conference (MUPC) has been held.  MUPC is the oldest undergraduate psychology conference in the United States.  The conference provides a forum for the presentation of original research, applications, and conceptual papers by undergraduates in psychology from around the state and surrounding areas.  Since 1980, Bemidji State psychology students have made a major contribution to the conference.  In that time, BSU students have presented about 40% of all of the papers presented by Minnesota State University students and have made more total presentations than any other public institution.  BSU hosted the conference in 1983, with Dr. John Conger (past president of the American Psychological Association) as the keynote speaker and in 2005, with Dr. Ed Donnerstein (University of Arizona) as the keynote speaker.

We hope that you can attend the 2016 MUPC at Augsburg College!

On April 25, 2015, the 50th annual Minnesota Undergraduate Psychology Conference was held at Macalester College.  Eight Bemidji State University psychology students attended and made presentations along with Drs. Angela Fournier, Keith Gora, & Jim Rafferty.  As can be seen, the Bemidji State University students presented eight papers on topics ranging from human-animal interaction and heart rate variability to respiratory etiquette in the classroom.  Dr. Mahzarin Banaji (Harvard University) gave the keynote address, “Blindspot:  Hidden Biases of Good People.”

Chanen, Ryan.  Memory and test taking.

Henzler, Hillary; Harsha, Megan; & Kozel, Kelsey.  The Human-Animal Interaction Scale: Development and investigation of psychometric properties.

Krog, Larry; & Chanen, Ryan.  Critters or companions: An investigation in human-animal interaction and mood.

Krog, Larry; Meierhofer, Jessica; & Beattie, Morgan.  Does anyone have a tissue? Interventions to improve respiratory etiquette in the classroom.

Marlette, Jenelle M.; Porter, Teresa; Brinkhaus-Spolar, Samuel; & Szabo, Stephanie.  Heart rate variability as a predictor of task performance.

Meierhofer, Jessica.  Personality trait differences amongst eating disorder subtypes: A review.

Myers, Aaron.  Examining the relationship between metacognition and heart rate variability.

Opem, Brittany; Henzler, Hillary; Vilmain, Megan; Chanen, Ryan;& Ditsch, Emily.  Reading the mind through the heart. Cardiac reactivity suggests cognitive function.

Congratulations to everyone who attended the 2015 conference!


Scenes from 2013 MUPC