Our faculty bring a diverse set of expertise that will provide students with both a broad understanding in psychology and an opportunity to gain experience in specific areas.

Each of us are dedicated to the academic and professional success of every student.

Dr. John Gonzalez
Chair – Professor of Psychology
Office: BE 405Box #35
(218) 755-2881
Email: john.gonzalez@bemidjistate.edu

Dr. Mark Baez
Assistant Professor of Counseling/Clinical Psychology
Office: BE 407
(218) 755-2870
Email: mark.baez@bemidjistate.edu

Dr. Sarah Cronin
Associate Professor of Psychology
(On sabbatical 2023-2024 academic year)
Office: BE 406Box #35
(218) 755-2884
Email: sarah.cronin@bemidjistate.edu

Dr. Thomas Dirth
Associate Professor of Psychology
Office: BE 401Box #35
(218) 755-2945
Email: thomas.dirth@bemidjistate.edu

Dr. Angela Fournier
Office: BE 403Box #35
(218) 755-2530
Email: angela.fournier@bemidjistate.edu

Dr Keith Gora
Associate Professor
Office: BE 402Box #35
(218) 755-2882
Email: keith.gora@bemidjistate.edu

Dr. Kat Klement
Associate Professor
Office: BE 410Box #35
(218) 755-2848
Email: kat.klement@bemidjistate.edu

Travis Ricks
Office: BE 404Box #35
(218) 755-2106
Email: travis.ricks@bemidjistate.edu

Dr Judith Zatkin
Assistant Professor of Psychology
Office: BE 409
(218) 755-4112
Email: judith.zatkin@bemidjistate.edu

Dr. Li Zhou
Associate Professor
(On sabbatical 2023-2024 academic year)
Office: BE 408
(218) 755-2485
Email: li.zhou@bemidjistate.edu

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