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Current Faculty

picture of Desiderato,  Dr. Laurie Desiderato, Dr. Laurie

  • Office: HS 208      Box #23
  • Phone: (218) 755-2945

Ph.D. West Virginia University
B.S. Connecticut College

picture of Driscoll,  Dr. Marsha Driscoll, Dr. Marsha
Professor, Department Chair

  • Office: HS 211      Box #23
  • Phone: (218) 755-2848
  • Website

Ph.D., M.A. Ohio State University,
M.A. University of East Anglia-England,
B.A. University of North Carolina-Greensboro

picture of Fournier,  Dr. Angela Krom Fournier, Dr. Angela Krom
Associate Professor

  • Office: HS 206      Box #23
  • Phone: (218) 755-2530

Ph.D. Virgina Tech,
B.S. Christopher Newport University

picture of Fultz,  Dr. Dwight E. Fultz, Dr. Dwight E.

  • Office: HS 210      Box #23
  • Phone: (218) 755-4050
  • Website

Ph.D. University of Minnesota,
M.Ed. Georgia State University,
B.A. Bryan College

picture of Gonzalez,  Dr. John Gonzalez, Dr. John
Associate Professor

  • Office: HS 207      Box #23
  • Phone: (218) 755-2881

Ph.D. University of North Dakota,
B.S. Bemidji State University

picture of Gora,  Dr Keith M Gora, Dr Keith M
Assistant Professor

  • Box #23
  • Phone: (218) 755-2882

Ph.D.University of Texas - Austin
M.S. Missouri State University
B.A. Northwestern University

picture of Hook,  Dr. Richard Hook, Dr. Richard

  • Office: HS 211      Box #23
  • Phone: (218) 755-2870
  • Website

Ph.D. Virginia Tech,
M.A. West Virginia University,
B.A. SUNY - Binghamton

Larson, Dr Kate
Assistant Professor

  • Office: HS 209      Box #23
  • Phone: (218) 755-2803
  • Website

Ph.D. Walden University
M.Ed. Washington State University
B.S. Bemidji State University


picture of Bennett, Russ Bennett, Russ

Ph.D., M.S., B.A. Ohio University

picture of Jackson,  Dr. Louise H. Jackson, Dr. Louise H.
Adjunct Faculty

  • Box #23
  • Phone: (218) 751-4820
  • Website

Ph.D. Indiana University
M.A. Eastern Michigan University
B.A. University of Michigan

picture of Lee, Russell Lee, Russell

Ed.D. Rutgers University
Ed.M. Rutgers University
B.A. The College of William and Mary