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General Information for Supervised Learning Experience

  1. Requirements for Eligibility
    1. The student will be considered for an internship if he/she is:
      1.  a senior majoring in Psychology.

      2. finished with all coursework in the major.

    2. To quality for internship placement, students must have completed the Pre-Internship Seminar. The necessary application forms are normally completed early in the semester which precedes the anticipated internship. Only those internships which have been approved by the Psychology Department will be considered. A student may locate and suggest a new internship, but he/she should be aware that such a request must be submitted early enough to be evaluated for approval. It is suggested that the student consider the type of facility desired, the preferred location, and the quality of experience (depth and scope) available. Phone calls or letters to a number of facilities should be followed by an initial visit. During these initial visits the student should gain assurance that the required internship guidelines can be met. The internship must be approved by the Pre-Internship instructor or Internship coordinator.

  2. Students on internship will continue to be eligible for services from Counseling and Student Health Services, the library, and the Computer Lab.