Regional & National Conferences

Undergraduate psychology students from across the country rarely have the opportunity to be a part of an original research project presented at a regional or national professional psychology conference.

In the last few years, the following have been presented by BSU undergraduate students working in collaboration with psychology department faculty:


Gonzalez, J., Brodeur, S., Cramer. C., Goughnour, C., Magoon. C., Ronich., J., Schwalbe., E., Vanderwal. A., & Wheelhouse, E. (January, 2013) An Indian in the room: Microaggressions in the classroom. Poster presented at the National Multicultural Conference and Summit, Houston, TX.


Gonzalez J., Erickson, C., Hall, E., Lindquist, C, Showers, A., & Zamora, I. (August 2012). Microaggressions experienced by American Indians. Poster presented at the Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association Orlando, FL.


Gonzalez J., & Chuah, S. (2011, August). Cultural pathways to college success for American Indian students.  Poster presented at the meeting of the American Psychological Association, Washington, DC.


Borden, C., & Chong, M. (2010, April).  Implications for the use of mean arterial pressure as a variable for behavioral health research. Poster presented at the annual meeting of the Southwestern Psychological Association, Dallas, TX.

Fournier, A. K., Broden, M., & Kvidera, N. (2010, February).Student use of social networking sites to communicate about alcohol: Implications for the social norms marketing approach. Poster presented at the annual scientific meeting of the American Academy of Health Behavior, Clearwater Beach, FL.

Rafferty, J. M., Bennett, R. L., Hengstler, K. J., Ang, E. J., & Koh, S. H. (2010, May).  A new morphing methodology for examining racial primes and weapon perception.  Poster presented at the meeting of the Association for Psychological Science, Boston, MA.


Rafferty, J. M., & Carrier, A. (2009, May).  Likelihood of statistical procedures being used in different APA journals.  Poster presented at the meeting of the Association for Psychological Science, San Francisco, CA.


Northern Lights Psychology Conference:

Arneson, Justin; & Farnsworth, Donnie. Working memory performance and math anxiety in a non-math context.

Douglas, Jason. Proverb concreteness and validity as measures of abstract reasoning ability.

Hook, Richard; & Douglas, Jason. Cognitive ability and the interpretation of familiar and unfamiliar proverbs.

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