Transfer & Returning Students

Transferring Psychology Courses into the BSU Psychology Major or Minor from Another College

Students with Psychology courses from other colleges can have these courses transferred into the BSU Psychology major or minor. To earn a BSU Psychology major or minor, however, at least one-third of your psychology courses (16 credits for the major and 6 credits for the minor) must come from BSU.

To count towards the BSU Psychology major or minor, transfer courses must come from a Psychology program at the student’s previous college. This will usually be reflected in the course number with a prefix of PSY or PSYCH, as in “PSY 1100 Introductory Psychology”. Courses from other departments, such as Education or Social Work cannot be transferred into the psychology major. Successfully completed advanced placement (AP) Psychology courses from Minnesota high schools can be substituted for the department’s required course in Introductory Psychology (PSY 1100) once the course is transferred to the University.

To transfer courses from other colleges into the BSU Psychology major or minor, complete a Course Substitution/Transfer Equivalence Form and have the form approved by the Psychology Department Chair. A copy of this form can be obtained from the BSU Records Office or the Records Office webpage. A copy of the courses syllabus should be submitted to the Psychology Department Chair with the form. A separate form is required for each college or University you have attended.

Returning Students

Psychology students returning to BSU after a period of absence should contact the Psychology Department Chair to make a plan of study for completing their degree. Returning students may have the option of completing the program requirements that were in place at the time they were first enrolled as a psychology major at BSU or completing the requirements of the current program. Courses completed more than 10 years ago may not be accepted toward the completion of a degree and must be approved by the Department Chair.

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