SCI 1110: Physical Science Syllabus Fall 2008
Updated 11/17/2008
Dr. John Truedson, Sattgast 301
Phone: 755-2796

Optional Text:      “Physical Science: An Historical Approach: Part I” Dr. J. Truedson, 2008
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Course schedule as of September 5, 2008 (subject to change with updates posted on D2L link)
Aug. 25            Course Syllabus, Science Survey, Ch.14: The Nature of science (Notes)
Aug. 27            Video #1: “Secrets of the Psychics
Aug. 29            Ch. 1 Units of Measurement (Notes) Video #2: “Powers of ten”
Sept. 3             Ch. 2 Motion: Speed and Velocity; Free fall, car crashes (Notes)
Sept. 5             Ch. 2 Motion: Linear and Centripetal Acceleration; projectile motion (Notes)
Sept. 8             Video #3: “Medieval Siege: the Trebuchet”(make-up on Tuesday at 8am in 301)
Sept. 10           Ch. 3 Newton’s Law of Gravitation and Laws of motion (Notes)
                        Video #4: Physics of Roller Coasters (make-up for this video at 8:15 Tuesday)
Sept. 12           Video #5: Newton’s Dark Secret (Make-up on Monday at 8:15 am only)
Sept. 15           Ch. 3 &4 Friction; Energy: Kinetic and Potential Energy (Notes)
Sept. 17           Ch. 4: Power, Horsepower, and power plant energy; Review for Test 1 (Notes)
Sept. 19           Test 1: (Note: copies of all exams from Fall 2007 are available in the print shop)
Chapter Practice problems: Chapter 1 Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Chapter 4 

Sept. 22.          Video #6 “Galileo’s Battle for the Heavens” plus short talk by Dr. Chapman
Sept. 24           Ch. 5: Introduction to Celestial Spheres and Astronomy Basics (Notes)
Sept. 26           Ch. 5: Phases of the Moon, Lunar and solar eclipses (Notes)   
Sept. 29           Video #7: “Longitude: Lost at Sea”
Oct.. 1             Ch. 5: The Seasons, Precession, and The Calendar (Notes)
Oct.  6             Ch. 6: The Birth of modern Astronomy: Ptolemy and Copernicus (Notes)
Oct.  8             Ch. 6 Astronomy of the Arabs and Native Americans (Notes)
Oct. 10            Test 2: (Note: copies of all exams from Fall 2007 are available in the shop)
Chapter Practice problems: Chapter 5 Chapter 6

Oct. 13           Ch. 7: The Birth of Modern Astronomy: Brahe, Kepler, and Galileo, the Planets, Discovery of Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto (Notes)
Oct. 15           Ch. 7: The Sun and the Planets: (Notes) Video #8: “Meteors: Fire in the sky”
Oct. 17           Video #9: “Meteors: Fire in the sky” Part II
Oct. 20           Ch. 7: Asteroids, Comets, and Meteors; (Notes)
Oct. 22           Ch. 8: The power of the Sun; Classification of stars; The H-R diagram (Notes)
Oct. 24           Ch. 8: The Life and Death of the Sun. Neutron Stars and Black Holes (Notes)
Oct. 27            Video #10:”Life Beyond Earth”  
Oct. 29           Ch. 9: Human Space Exploration; Reflecting and Refracting telescopes (Notes)
Oct. 31           Test 3:  (Note: copies of all exams from Fall 2007 are available in the print shop)
Chapter Practice problems: Chapter 7 Chapter 8

Nov. 3            Ch. 9: The Measurement of Astronomical distances (Notes)        
Nov. 5            Ch. 9: The Hubble law; Cosmology and the Big Bang; The Drake Equation
                       Ch. 10: Minerals & Rocks introduction (Notes)
Nov. 7            Ch. 10: Properties of Minerals and Rocks, the Rock Cycle, Igneous rocks
Nov. 10          Video #11: "Diamonds"
Nov. 12          Ch. 10: Sedimentary and Metamorphic Rocks (Notes)
Nov. 14           Test 4: (Note: copies of all exams from Fall 2007 are available in the  print shop)

Nov. 17           Ch. 11: A brief history of Geology: Hutton and Smith Aging the Earth, Relative & Absolute dating techniques (Notes)
Nov. 19           Video #12: “Earthquakes”
Nov. 21           Ch. 12: Volcanoes, Earthquakes, and Tsunamis, Plate Tectonics (Notes)
Nov. 24           Ch. 12: Plate Movements (Notes) Video #13: TBA (Note addition to schedule)
Dec. 1              Ch.13 Mountain Building: Surface processes (Notes)
Dec. 3              Ch. 13: Geology, Oil, and the future of Fossil Fuels (Notes)

Dec. 5             Test 5: (Note: copies of all exams from Fall 2007 are available in the shop)
Dec. 8            Ch. 14: the Nature of Science: Video #14: “Science & Pseudo-science”      

Dec. 11 or 17:  8 – 10 am     Final Exam: Questions from previous exams.  85 questions total

The syllabus, lecture presentations, and all information related to the course will be posted on the course web site as indicated above.  Any changes to the syllabus will be posted on the web site and outside the lab room (Sattgast 301). 

You are responsible for keeping track of laboratory and exam dates.  No excuse will be accepted that you forgot about an exam or lab last week or 3 weeks ago.  

            You will notice that there is no required text for the course.   All of the information for the course will be referred to directly either in the class lectures and presentations, laboratory sessions, and the exam review handout.  For each exam questions related to the lectures will be assigned.  These questions will be posted on the SCI 1110 web site and be available in the lab room not less than one week prior to the exam.  I will not be collecting the responses to these questions.  However, as an incentive to making thoughtful and careful answers for the questions, you will be able to use the responses to these questions, along with only your own hand-written or typed notes, the text itself, and the review hand-out for use during the exam.  No other materials will be allowed during the exam. No sharing of these materials will be allowed during the exam.  Also no cheating will be tolerated during the test.  Any violations of these rules will result in a grade of zero for the exam. 

            The exams will consist of multiple choice type questions and will occur on the dates indicated below.  If you miss an exam you must makeup the exam by the makeup end date indicated below to avoid a score of zero.  If you know in advance that you will be missing an exam you can arrange to take the exam up to two days early. The exam dates will not change except for an extreme emergency on the part of the instructor.

Exam 1. Friday Sept. 19

Makeup end date: Wednesday Sept. 24, 8:00 am

Exam 2. Friday Oct. 10

Makeup end date: Wednesday Oct. 15, 8:00 am

Exam 3. Wednesday Oct. 29

Makeup end date: Monday Nov. 3, 8:00 am

Exam 4. Friday Nov. 14

Makeup end date: Tuesday Nov. 18, 1:00 pm

Exam 5. Friday Dec. 5

Makeup date: Must be taken before the Dec. 5 test date (note change in syllabus)

Your course grade for exam portion of the course will be determined by the percentage of the best four (4) exams.  If you take all five (5) exams the lowest exam score will be dropped.   However, the final exam will include questions from all 5 exams.    

There will be thirteen (13) in-class videos shown on the dates as indicated on the course schedule.  You will be required to attend and complete nine of the thirteen video quizzes. The video will start promptly at 9:00 AM. Each person must submit only their own sheet. Any person submitting a form for a person not in attendance will receive a grade of zero for both themselves and the other person.  Some material contained on the videos will be covered on the exams.  Extra video sessions attended can earn you an additional 1.5% extra credit for each video session.  There will be a single make-up time the following day after the scheduled in class video at 8:00 am in the lab room Sattgast 301.  There will be no other makeup times.

            There will be laboratory each week starting on Wednesday Sept. 3, 2008 in Sattgast 301.  Labs on Monday and Tuesday will be doing the same lab.  Labs on Wednesday and Thursday will be doing the same lab. If you cannot attend your assigned laboratory section, then contact an instructor to attend another lab that same two day period.  There will be no makeup labs.  Overall scores for the laboratory portion of the course will be based on the percentage of the total lab points with the three lowest lab scores dropped.  You can receive up to 4% extra credit for attending all 20 lab sessions.

There will a 3 - 4 page term paper as part of the course. The paper will be due by Friday, November 14.  The topic for the paper will be chosen by mid-September. Absolutely no late papers will be accepted.

The distribution of points for the semester will be as follows:

4 in-class exams:          50 %

Paper:                            5 %

9 In-class videos          10 %

Laboratory:                  20 %

Final exam:                  14 %

Total:                          100 %

Approximate percentage for letter grades (subject to minor changes)

A         88 – 100 %

B         78 – 87 %

C         66 – 77 %

D         54 – 65 %