Child Welfare Scholars

Child Welfare Scholars Program

We are recruiting full-time BSW Social Work students to become child welfare scholars will take specific courses during their time at Bemidji State University and will complete their practicum at a county or tribal level child welfare program. A stipend of $2250 per semester will be offered to the scholars. Child welfare scholars take SOWK 3780 Family and Child Welfare in Spring 2021 and are required to attend Foundation Training (January 11-13th) and ICWA Training (January 25 & 26). Accepted scholars retain their status and stipend each semester until graduation, pending funding and acceptable academic and professional progress. After graduation, child welfare graduates are required to apply the skills, values, and knowledge acquired from their education and experienced through employment in a child welfare setting.

Title IV-E of the Social Security Act focuses on providing safe and stable care for children who have been placed in out-of-home care as a result to maltreatment or other circumstances. This care lasts until the child can be safely returned home or placed permanently with an adoptive family or some other planned arrangement. The Title IV-E Child Welfare Scholars Program provides stipends to students who are interested in pursuing careers in public child welfare.  To be eligible for the program, a Bemidji State student must be:

Interested in pursuing a career in public child welfare.

Willing to expand their educations in the field of child welfare.

Enrolled as a full-time student at Bemidji State University (minimum 12 credits)

Accepted into the social work program.

In good academic standing

A U.S. citizen


Child Welfare Stipend Requirements
If awarded a Child Welfare Stipend, Baccalaureate in Social Work (BSW) students are required to:
 have a senior field practicum in a county, state or tribal child welfare unit;
 complete a child welfare course at one of the consortium schools;
 attend child welfare IV-E student meetings and training seminars if applicable;
 maintain good academic standing (as defined by social work department policy); and
 upon exit from the social work department seek and accept employment in public child welfare (if
such a position is available and offered within three months of graduation) and maintain such
employment for four and a half months for each semester of stipend received.)

If you are interested in learning more about the program click here to view brochure: Child Welfare Brochure 2020

To apply click on the following link and complete form: IV-E-Application-Form Dec. 7 2020

Please email application to:

Deadline is Monday, December 7, 2020 at 8am.

Awards will be announced before the end of the fall semester.

For detailed information contact:  Evie Campbell at

Link to Katie Northbird Child Welfare Scholarship recipient.


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