The Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) has developed accreditation standards that require baccalaureate social work curriculum to prepare graduates for generalist practice through mastery of a set of nine core competencies. These core competencies are measurable practice behaviors comprised of knowledge, values and skills. These competencies serve as a link between what may be observed or demonstrated in student knowledge, value and skill performance and the Department’s curriculum expectations.

Assessment Findings

Form-AS-4B 2021-2022

Assessment Plan

The Department of Social Work has an Assessment Plan that measures student progress in these nine Competencies and Practice Behaviors. This includes evaluation tools that measure knowledge and/or skills upon acceptance into the social work major, while taking social work classes and then at the completion of the degree program, the 480 hour internship.

The department measures student progress in the nine competencies and practice behaviors utilizing a Likert scale evaluation tool the following eight courses:

  • Family Dynamics and Interventions
  • Social Welfare Policy
  • Group counseling co-facilitation
  • Macro practice capstone project
  • Research capstone project
  • Internship, 480-hour volunteer