Continuing Education

“Social work is a dynamic profession, requiring you to stay current in the field, whether it’s applying the latest research, understanding a new regulation and its implications, maintaining your license or professional credential, or acquiring additional training to meet the needs of an aging population, for example. Look to the following resources to. . .

  • grow and manage your career;
  • maintain a practice of excellence; and
  • better serve individuals, families, and communities (NASW, 2016)

Professional Organizations Offering Continuing Education for Social Workers

  • National Association of Social Workers: NASW promotes professionalism among its members through continuing education and the Social Work Journal. Both update members with best practices. Members can also turn to NASW for legal assistance. NASW advocates for the interests of social workers and sound public policy.
  • Minnesota Social Service Association: MSSA provides members with benefits such as tuition discounts, access to continuing education, an annual conference, and regular updates on the field’s latest developments. Minnesota social workers who join can benefit from networking opportunities, job postings, and advocacy efforts at the state level. All members automatically become members of regional chapters.
  • Minnesota Society for Clinical Social Work: This organization focuses on the needs and interests of clinical social workers. Members can connect with clinical supervisors and take advantage of opportunities for continuing education and other workshops. MSCSW keeps members informed about legislative issues at the state level as well as relevant healthcare reforms.