Manuals & Forms

Internship Manuals

Social Work Internship Manual

SOWK-Intern-and-Field-Instructor-Manual-2019-2020 states program goals and objectives and contains valuable information to students and agencies for the completion of the internship including internship forms and job-seeking resources.

Forms & Resources

Student Fee Waiver Form

Student-Fee-Waiver-Request-Form.  Students living more than 50 miles from BSU can request a waiver of student fees during the internship semester.  Complete and sign this form, forward it to Rebecca Hoffman for her signature.

Midterm & Final Self-Evaluation Form for Social Work Interns

Midterm-Final Internship Self Evaluation Tool.  Students complete this self-evaluation in conjunction with the evaluation by the field instructor.  This tool can be helpful in guiding the discussion around the evaluation process.

NASW Code of Ethics

2018 NASW Code of Ethics

Learning Goals Contract Guide

Learning Goals Guide and Fillable Form.  This document guides the internship planning process, identifying the experiences that will take place during the internship.  Experiences are formed around the nine social work competencies determined by the Council on Social Work Education (CSWE).