LADC Internship Manual and Forms

LADC Intern and Field Instructor Manual

LADC-Intern-and-Field-Instructor-Manual-2018-2019 assists those who are planning to receive a Licensed Drug and Alcohol Counselor certificate and information for students and agencies for the completion of the LADC internship.

Forms & Resources

Student Fee Waiver Form

Student-Fee-Waiver-Request-Form.  Students living more than 50 miles from BSU can request a waiver of student fees during the internship semester.  Complete and sign this form, forward it to Rebecca Hoffman for her signature.

Student Midterm & Final Evaluation Form for LADC Interns

LADC Intern Evaluation Form

Student Coursework Form

LADC Certificate Courses at Bemidji State University

Student Learning Goals Form

LADC Learning Goals Form

Code of Ethics

At the time of certification, students/applicants must consent to adhering to the Code of Ethical Conduct for each credential they are pursuing.  A copy of the Code of Ethical conduct is included in the application packet for each credential.

At the time of re-certification, certified professionals must verify that they:

  1. have thoroughly reviewed a current version of the MCB Code of Ethical Conduct for each of their credentials
  2. have not violated the MCB Code of Ethical Conduct for any credential during the current or any prior certification period
  3. will subscribe to and commit to professional conduct that meets the MCB Code of Ethical Conduct for each respective credential they possess
  4. have and will continue to practice within the scope of all relevant statutes, rules, and standards relevant to their credential(s)

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