Substance and Behavior Addictions, Minor

The Substance and Behavior Addictions minor curriculum is designed to enhance a student’s practice in social work or human services.

The minor leads to enhanced knowledge about substance and behavior addictions, but does not include all of the necessary coursework and internship required for Licensed Alcohol and Drug Counselor (LADC) licensure, recognizing the critical role substance and behavior addictions play in the well-being of northern Minnesota communities as well as society as a whole. Preparing students to be effective social workers includes having the knowledge and skills to work effectively with addictive (substances and behavioral) individuals and family systems.

In light of the pervasive nature and serious impact of addictions on individuals and families, the Addictions Minor provides graduates with knowledge and skills critical to social work practice in Minnesota communities. Students who choose the minor are aware that no matter what area of social work they choose to practice in, knowledge and skills related to substance and behavior will be beneficial. This is a crucial skill set to have as a practitioner in northern counties; a region that suffers from a shortage of qualified helping professionals.

The Social Work Program plays a pivotal role ensuring practitioners are adequately prepared for working with addiction-related social issues.

Substance and Behavior Addictions Minor in the Course Catalog

Substance and Behavior Addictions minor

Required Credits: 20
Required GPA: 2.00