Hybrid Program FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions for SWIM

Brief History:

The Social Work Department created the hybrid degree track to best serve students who are working, have families, and are still looking to continue their education. Our first cohort started the Fall of 2013, with a new cohort starting about every 2 years, until recently when there has been program support for a cohort to start annually in Fall semester. Our SWIM acronym stands for Social Work Integrated Model, because it focuses on integrating coursework with best practices in the field of social work.

What is a cohort?

We accept 30 students every year to start the core classes of our hybrid program after successfully completing the Social Work admissions process, details of this can be found here. Faculty have found that allowing smaller cohort sizes encourages a tighter knit community to develop amongst peers. Several of our courses have assignments that replicate practical application in the field, and it also allows each professor to be available to encourage individual growth and feedback.

What is a hybrid program?

Our program is considered a hybrid program because, while we complete coursework largely through our online platform, we host do host four in-person Saturday class sessions on the BSU campus every semester.

Why host in-person Saturday classes?

Department Faculty utilize the in-person class sessions to integrate course curriculum into practice. The time is used to encourage group discussion with cohort members, help field questions about the material that is being covered, and allow the student the opportunity to process through what you are learning.

What can I expect in Online Learning?

The Center for Extended Learning has provided a nice overview of what online learning can look like found through this link: What to Expect in Online Learning

How can I find out about transfer credits?

After you are accepted to BSU and Degree-Audit Report (DARS) will be generated to give you a sense of what areas may still need coursework to be ready for the next cohort start date. The Center for Extended Learning also offers some online resources you can utilize to get a sense of what would transfer in. Almost all our students in the SWIM program transfer in a large portion of their coursework from previous institutions they have attended. Free Transfer resources include the use of transferology.com and mntransfer.org

How much does it cost?

Click here Tuition & Aid to find out what tuition costs might look like for you each semester as well as how to go about applying for financial aid.

Are there scholarships available for distance learning students?

There are some scholarships available! More information can be found by clicking the link here: Scholarship Information

I am already accepted to BSU and am taking the pre-admission coursework, what is the admissions process entail?

If you are within one semester of completing all the supporting foundation coursework, and your pre-admission coursework, and liberal education goal areas, you can start the application for full admission to the program. This is all done online and the requirements can be found through the Program Admissions webpage. There is also a video available here that explains the admissions process in more detail.

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