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Transfer Students

Generally students need to refer to the Bemidji State University catalog for policy and procedures for transferring to the BSU Department of Social Work. The Bemidji State University Admissions Office determines what liberal education courses may be transferred in if a student has not earned an AA. degree from a community college. The following required courses* in the Social Work major may be transferred from another educational institution upon review by Social Work faculty of the syllabi and any other pertinent course materials:

  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Human Biology
  • Abnormal Psychology
  • Introduction to American Politics

Diversity requirement: Choose one:

  • Introduction to Indian Studies
  • Ethnic and Minority Group Relations
  • World Religions
  • Cultural Anthropology

The following course may be considered for transfer after course materials - syllabus, course outline, and text - are reviewed by a Social Work faculty member.

  • Social Statistics

Other required courses in the Social Work major may be considered for transfer if the student is enrolled in the courses at a Council on Social Work Education accredited program. Course materials – syllabus, course outline, and text – will be reviewed for transfer consideration.

Credit for Life and Work Experience: The Department of Social Work does not give academic credit for life and work experience towards the major.