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Internship Information


Students enroll in SOWK 4880: Internship Orientation during their senior year, the semester before they plan to intern. In SOWK 4880: Internship Orientation students are provided with assistance in:

  • Assessing their strengths and weaknesses in Social Work practice
  • Preparing internship and employment documents such as a resume.
  • Determining their particular interests in Social Work practice.
  • Accessing information about the myriad of human services agencies and organizations in Minnesota that provide social work internships.
  • Communicating with prospective internship sites about the responsibilities of the social work interns, the faculty liaison, and the human service organization to create a quality internship. Social Work students must intern with a degreed, licensed social worker.
  • Preparing for interviews with prospective internship sites.
  • Preparing the internship contract and confirming the internship.