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Responsibilities – Intern

The overall responsibility of the student is to devote himself/herself to the learning of helpful interaction with service users.

  • To make application for the internship at the appropriate time and in accordance with program procedures.
  • To complete and have signed by his/her advisor, the Authorization Checklist
  • To negotiate with the Field Instructor and the Internship Coordinator the internship contract.
  • To follow agency policies with regard to time schedules, regulations, and matters of dress.
  • To prepare agendas for discussions with the faculty liaison and Field Instructor.
  • To leave word with the agency secretary as to where s/he is and when s/he will return.
  • To report absences and reasons for absences immediately to the Field Instructor.
  • To participate in her/his midterm and final evaluations with the Field Instructor.
  • To participate in an evaluation of the Department of Social Work.
  • To write a short assessment of the internship placement at the end of her/his internship.
  • To carry out an evaluation of the field instructor.
  • To complete assignments for the internship seminar.
  • To evaluate the faculty liaison.
  • To provide evidence of having completed the 520 hours.