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Responsibilities – Program

  1. Social Work Program policy prohibits students employed in agencies prior to the internship to use the employment position as the internship. Program policy requires students to intern in positions that require a bachelor's degree with supervision from a BSW or an MSW.
  2. Students must have a 2.5 GPA in the Social Work major in order to intern.

All appendices are found in the Internship Manual

  • To facilitate placement of students in agencies for the internship experience.
  • To facilitate with the student the development of an internship contract that is also negotiated with the field instructor.
  • To provide a liaison between school and agency. Two on-site visits to the agency will be made. The purpose of the first visit is to review the intern's contract and to address any questions about the Social Work Program and the internship that might arise. During the second visit the faculty liaison, with the intern and field instructor, will carry out the midterm evaluation (Appendix E). The final evaluation will be conducted by the field instructor and the intern.
  • To provide orientation workshops for field instructors and agency directors each term.
  • To facilitate the three internship seminars, providing feedback to interns on presentations and papers.
  • To provide ongoing consultation with the placement agencies as needed.
  • Maintain an ongoing Practitioners Advisory Council that reviews and evaluates the overall Social Work program, particularly the internship component.
  • To carry liability insurance for the Social Work interns.