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SWIM (Largely Online BSW Degree Program)

What is it? Students can earn a BSW degree through a cohort-based distance education with the majority of all course work completed online and limited face-to-face course meetings on the BSU campus.

How much “face-to-face” time is required? Students will come to BSU one Saturday each month to provide interactive dialogue and learn practice skills important to our profession. This means only three (3) on-campus meetings each semester.

What is the timeline? The 2015 Cohort begins August 2015. Students will graduate spring 2018.

How many classes do I take each semester? Students will take 2-3 classes each semester with the majority of semesters limited to two classes. Below is a tentative course schedule.

Will courses be offered in the summer? Summer classes are reserved for students that need to complete their liberal education courses (AA degree) and/or take the courses required in other disciplines (Human Biology, Intro to Psychology, Abnormal Psychology, Intro to American Politics, diversity requirement).  You may also complete these five courses (or equivalents) as part of your AA degree and will transfer them into the BSW degree program at BSU

Can I get financial aid? This is a financial aid eligible program. Contact the Financial Aid office at BSU to determine your individual eligibility for financial aid. 218-755-2034

What are the eligibility criteria? Students must: (1) have completed (or be within six credits of completing) an AA degree; and (2) have a 2.25 cumulative GPA.

How do I apply? You can register online at  Allow 4-6 weeks for processing of your application and acceptance into this program.

Is information available about the Social Work Program? Go to our website for more information.

Questions?      Dr. Cheryl A. Byers, 218-755-2836,