The career options available for sociology, gender and women’s studies and communication graduates are numerous and varied due to the applicability to many fields of work.

Common Careers for Sociology Graduates Include

These careers the most common students who graduate with a degree in Sociology pursue.

Career Median Salary Outlook
Anthropologist $66,130 7%
Corrections Officer $47,440 -7%
Human Resources Specialists $63,490 10%
Social and Community Managers $69,600 15%
Social Worker $51,760 12%
Sociologist $86,110 5%
Sociology Teacher $80,560 12%

Common Careers for Communication Studies Graduates Include

Communication Studies graduates can work in a wide range of fields and occupations due to their diverse skill sets.

Career Median Salary Outlook
Advertising and Sales Agents $52,340 3%
Human Resources Specialists $63,490 10%
Meeting, Convention and Event Planner $49,470 18%
News Analysts, Reporters and Journalists $48,370 6%
Public Relations Specialist $62,810 11%
Real Estate Brokers and Sales Agents $48,770 4%
Writers and Authors $69,510 9%

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