Communication Studies Class

The Communication Studies major prepares students to effectively examine how oral and written communication practices influence the lives of individuals, relationships, communities and organizations in our ever-changing society. Top executives stress the central importance of communication to their success. In other words, to become and remain, a competitive job seeker in an economy increasingly driven by knowledge and service, effective communication is a must. Our program has recently been featured on Lakeland PBS.

Communication studies graph outlining the importance of communications to employers 90% look for being able to communicate effectively orally. 84% look for critical thinking and analytical reasoning, 87% lok for ethical judgement and decision making. 85% look for applicants that can work in teams effectively. 85% able to work indeoendently. 85% look for self motivated candidates. 76% look for able to communicate through writing and can apply knowlege and skills to real world problems

The ability to communicate effectively is one of the most valuable skills employers are looking for in college graduates!

Download the Communication Studies Requirements for MAJOR Sp 2022

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