A Path to Real-Life Conversation

Studying Spanish at Bemidji State University — as a major, as a minor or through selected courses — will widen your world and expand your perspective.

The ability to speak, read and write in Spanish will open up new career opportunities, while deepening your appreciation of people, cultures and language, both in the United States and around the world.

The BSU Advantage

In addition to its well-rounded programs and curriculum and outstanding faculty, Bemidji State’s location offers another distinctive advantage — proximity to Concordia Language Villages, located 11 miles northeast of the BSU campus. Concordia, also known as CLV, is one of the world’s most respected centers for language immersion. Spanish students at BSU can enhance their learning by attending sessions in one of Concordia’s Spanish villages, all in beautiful north woods locations. They also can apply for jobs as youth camp counselors and in other staff roles.

Career Opportunities

Spanish-language ability is beneficial — and in some cases essential — to jobs in government, education, business, communications, health care and social and community services. Knowledge of Spanish is a preferred qualification for many positions and can lead to a higher salary, both immediately and over the long term. It also can offer an advantage for acceptance into graduate programs.

Global Perspective

Regardless of whether you expect to use Spanish in your work, the ability to read, write and converse in the world’s third most common language will help make you a citizen of the world. Knowledge of Spanish enriches students’ appreciation of culture and the arts, expands study abroad options, increases international understanding and enables lifelong friendships with people around the world.