Student Opportunities

Make the Most of Spanish

Bemidji State offers many resources to support students of Spanish and allow them to enrich their learning experience:

BSU Education Abroad

Faculty in the Spanish program strongly encourage their students to experience international study in a Spanish-speaking country. Whether for a full year or semester or a shorter period of time, education abroad at BSU offers countless opportunities to cultivate the intellectual, professional and personal skills and qualities so vital to success in an increasingly interconnected world.

Students can acquire first-hand experience with the Spanish Language and Spanish-speaking cultures in the U.S. or abroad by participating in an intercultural immersion experience. In this volunteer internship students will acquire intercultural soft skills, improve language skills, gain career experience in their field, and more.

Concordia Language Villages

Concordia Language Villages is a world-renowned center for immersive learning in language and culture located just 11 miles northeast of Bemidji State. Its Spanish-language program, known collectively as El Lago de Bosque, provides a place where BSU Spanish students may work with international Spanish-speaking staff as part of a counseling team. CLV’s year-round offerings are an ideal way to enhance fluency and appreciation for Spanish and Latin American culture and people.

Students can acquire first-hand experience with the Spanish Language and Spanish-speaking cultures in the United States by participating in an internship experience at Concordia Language Villages near Bemidji Minnesota. Two options are available:

  1. Volunteer as a counselor in at least four long weekend programs through the Spanish Program of Concordia Language Villages (El Lago del Bosque) during one academic year.
  2. Volunteer as a Summer Counselor in one of El Lago Del Bosque’s Summer Programs.

Both options require previous approval by a full-time faculty member of the Spanish Program of Bemidji State University and the Dean of El Lago del Bosque, Concordia Language Villages.

El Lago del Bosque hands-on language- and culture-based activities include sports, art, music, dance, games, and tasting authentic cuisine. Room and board provided at no charge. Home-cooked culturally-authentic meals and baked foods. Immersion in the Hispanic world in Northern Minnesota. Network with university students from St. Kate’s, Hamlin, Concordia, St Scholastica who also earn credit as counselors at Concordia Language Villages.

Prerequisites: Minimum Intermediate-Low Proficiency in Spanish or completion of Spanish 2212; previous approval by at least one full-time faculty in the Spanish Program of Bemidji State University; be in good academic standing.

May be repeated for up to 4 credits. One credit per long weekend program.

El Club de Español de BSU

El Club de Español de BSU, or the Spanish Club, provides linguistic an cultural experiences that go far beyond the classroom. Students may become involved with an organization that serves fellow students and the entire campus with cultural activities. Participants also have an opportunity to develop their leadership skills and artistic talents, make new friends, cook traditional Hispanic/Latino cuisine, celebrate traditional holidays and more.

La Tertulia

La Tertulia, which refers to an informal meeting to talk about current affairs, arts, etc., is the name of a weekly Spanish language table faciliated by Bemidji State faculty, which sometimes includes ethnic treats. La Tertulia is open to students enrolled in any level Spanish course. ¡Ven a comer ye conversar con nosotros!

Student Conferences

BSU students may become members of the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) and attend conferences and events organized by and through this organization. ACTFL is founded on the principle that “language and communications are at the heart of the human experience; that the U.S. must nurture and develop indigenous, immigrant and language resources; and that the U.S. must educate citizens to be linguistically and culturally prepared to function as world citizens.”

American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL)

Spanish students at Bemidji State University have the opportunity to interview for oral proficiency and take a writing proficiency test through concepts and strategies for accessing functional language ability whose guidelines are provided by the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL). The test and interview are not graded, but students have the opportunity to identify where they are in the different skill level areas.

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