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Find your specialty.

Choose from nine different programs in the School of Technology, Art and Design. All programs are hands-on, interdisciplinary experiences that build broad perspectives and specialized skills.

Exhibit Design students.

Be imaginative.

Our students are challenged to think critically and draw on knowledge from across disciplines. They learn to develop innovative solutions needed to be successful professionals.

Go high-tech.

Enjoy hands-on learning in high-tech, state-of-the-art labs. Assigned projects simulate real-world experiences using industry standard processes, materials and technologies in devising solutions. You’ll experience the kinds of cutting-edge technology found in the workplace.

Latest 3D Printing, Engraving, and Carving tools.

Engage and achieve.

Our lab classes are small, most under 20 students, so you’ll work closely with faculty members who offer a wide breadth of expertise in helping navigate your learning journey. Faculty members provide feedback throughout projects so learning happens in real-time, not just when projects are completed.

Excel academically and personally.

Our programs offer opportunities to build relationships with friends and mentors, pursue activities that help you become physically fit and mentally sharp, and get involved locally or globally with issues that matter to you. Whatever your interests, you’ll find experiences that help you lead a more meaningful personal and professional life.

Students interning at Star.

Gain experience

Most specializations within the department offer an internship option. These experiences extend lessons learned in the classroom and prepare students to enter the workplace with confidence. Many interns are and lead to full-time employment.

Build industry connections.

We’re connected to industry. Our faculty work with industry advisory boards that meet at least once each year at Bemidji State to review curriculum, industry needs and opportunities. These advisory boards keep faculty and students alert to emerging industry trends, challenges and technologies. They also create opportunities for scholarships, internships and mentorship.

Mission Statement

Empower students with the knowledge to Learn, Create and Innovate.

Diversity Statement

The School of Technology, Art, & Design (The TAD School) celebrates the synergy of diverse disciplines, ideas, and people as a fundamental value. We believe that the foundation of innovation is rooted in empathy and diverse perspectives. While The TAD School members come from diverse experiences, we recognize that any group’s limitations can lead to potential exclusions of other ideas and people. Therefore, we commit ourselves to maximize opportunities that foster equity, accessibility, and inclusivity.


For further information about any of the programs or to arrange a tour of the TAD Department, call 218-755-2950.

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