TAD Students Visit Marvin Windows in advance of Tiny House Project

Tiny House Project Leaders Tour Marvin Windows

A Bemidji Bus Lines coach filled with students from the School of Technology, Art, and Design made the trip up to Warroad, MN last Friday to tour one of the most successful window manufacturers in the country, Marvin Windows. The day long trip consisted of a greeting and educational presentation, an extensive tour of the factory floor, and a showroom experience featuring Marvin’s latest products and most advanced window and door systems.

Meeting at Marvin HQ
Introductions are made before the tour.

The core group of students and professors aboard had more than mere curiosity in mind. They are leading a School of TAD project to create a Tiny House with a Sustainability Theme that is entirely student managed, designed, built. It will be finished this year, presented to the public, and sold, so that the project can launched again for a second round. Not only have our contacts at Marvin provided a fascinating glimpse into their production facilities, even inviting our students back for internship and employment opportunities, but they may be providing a donation to the project.

Marvin Windows Warehouse Experience
The Tiny House Team explores some options for donated windows from the Marvin Warehouse.

The Tiny House Project is an ideal example of the collaboration that is possible within the School of TAD and across Bemidji State. In this case, current building and cultural trends are inspiring a group of students with diverse skill sets to assemble a team that can contribute to a design and build solution that is meaningful, educational, and self-sustainable. Clearly it’s an idea that has our attention and support. Several Professors and BSU staff are helping to guide this student managed project and local and regional companies are lining up to provide information and supplies to support the effort.

Watch for more updates on the TAD Tiny House Project as it comes to life this school year.

For more information on the Tiny House movement check out this link: http://thetinylife.com/what-is-the-tiny-house-movement/