Students Put New Infographics in Room BN132

Advanced Graphic students apply their infographics

Students who have classes in Room BN132 have already seen the infographics, but for students that haven’t noticed, make sure to look into the room while walking on the lower level of Bridgeman. Mitch Blessing’s Advanced Graphic Design class was tasked with making floor-to-ceiling infographics based on the four simple machines (though you may argue that there are six). The class worked in teams of three or four to create beautiful pieces of art that help educate students on how the machines work.

The finished pieces from the students.

Students and faculty may have also noticed other projects popping up around Bridgeman Hall, most notably the DuckTales cardboard cutouts from Drew Graham’s Advanced Media Design class. Our students are working tirelessly on projects for classes, so it’s nice to show them off to everyone. Keep an eye out for more student work popping up around Bridgeman Hall, it will be worth it.

One of the DuckTales cutouts.

To see more student work and learn about the Graphic Design program offered at BSU, follow this link: BSU Graphic Design Program