Design Guild Students Visit Fargo, ND

The TAD Design Guild take annual trips in the fall and spring semesters, such as Chicago and Las Vegas in the past years. This year Design Guild is heading to Denver, Colorado for industry inspiration and advice. Although these big trips provide tons of insight throughout the design industry, it’s also a goal for the Design Guild to take advantage of smaller design companies that are found closer to us and our community.

This past week a group of TAD Design Guild students took a mini day trip to Fargo, ND and had a lot of fun learning about different design companies in the area. These companies could possibly become future career opportunities for many of our students so it was awesome to learn the different design options found in each company. In other words, each company had their own uniqueness about them.

The first company they visited was Tag Up by Rischard Marketing, Inc. They are a small printing and design company that produce a ton of sports bag tags, locker nameplates, sports banners, window decals, custom engraving on trophies and more. The students got to tour the facilities and watch how nameplates were printed in action. It was fun to see such a small company dedicated to produce a lot of different products for many clients. For more information and a look into Tag Up here is their website.

Design Guild students talk with Flint Group

Flint Group was the second company the students visited in Fargo. This was an awesome marketing and advertising agency that held a lot of design inspiration. They showed the students what Flint had to offer and shared really unique work that employees were working on throughout the office. For more insight here is the Flint Group website.

Myriad Mobile displays an inspirational sticky note board

The last company was a mobile and web technology solutions company called Myriad Mobile. This company was a different type of design that BSU TAD students were new to, web coding and development. This experience was exciting to sit down and ask questions with the designers and open the eyes of TAD students that may potentially be interested in web/app design and development. To take a look into Myriad Mobile here is their website.

The Fargo trip this fall semester was a new opportunity for the Design Guild that opened the eyes for the TAD students and gave them new ideas to incorporate in their designs. The Guild had a fun day getting to see all of the facilities and they want to thank every company for taking time out of their day and sharing design advice and knowledge about their companies. Getting to go on these little adventures helps students network and meet new people in the design industry and also help gain knowledge and insight about different companies.

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