Current Students

LAPTOP recommendation

If you are considering purchasing a laptop, TADD recommends one of the two models below for our Majors. OR, a Windows laptop with similar specs as the two models below. It is vital that your laptop have a Nvidia graphics card. Without this card the laptop will not run the software needed.

Program and Advising Sheets

The programs in the Department each have an advising sheet and program sheet that specifies what classes are needed to graduate the sequence in which requirements should be fulfilled and some information about the program. See Program and Advising Sheets.

Important Dates FY 18-19

Wondering when to register for classes? When is Spring Break, or what is the last day I can drop a class without penalty?  This link provides many important dates.

Student Clubs

Get involved by joining one of the department clubs on campus. Tour real companies and make connections before you graduate.

Department clubs include:
Design Guild
Construction Club
Model Making Club


Find anything you need from the University right here whether it be grad plans, or course and advisor change forms.