The department’s faculty and staff have a diverse blend of skills and expertise that gives students a unique and rewarding education, in and out of the classroom.

Dr. Mahmoud Al-Odeh
Associate Professor
Office: BN 229Box #34
(218) 755-4223
Email: mahmoud.al-odeh@bemidjistate.edu
Mr Mitchell Blessing
Assistant Professor
Office: BN 232Box #34
(218) 755-2286
Email: mitchell.blessing@bemidjistate.edu
Dr. Tim Brockman
Office: BN 227Box #34
(218) 755-4128
Email: tim.brockman@bemidjistate.edu
Mr. Eric Carlson
Assistant Professor of Technology, Art & Design
Office: BN 232Box #34
Email: eric.carlson.2@bemidjistate.edu
Laura Goliaszewski
Art Gallery Director
Office: BN 303Box #34
(218) 755-3737
Email: laura.goliaszewski@bemidjistate.edu
Mr Andrew Graham
Assistant Professor
Office: BN 231Box #34
(218) 755-2953
Email: andrew.graham@bemidjistate.edu
Dr. Bonnie Higgins
Office: BN 248Box #34
(218) 755-3790
Email: bonnie.higgins@bemidjistate.edu
Sachel Josefson
Associate Professor
Office: Bridgeman HallBox #34
(218) 755-2949
Email: sachel.josefson@bemidjistate.edu
Michael Lund
Associate Professor
Office: BN 228
(218) 755-2951
Email: michael.lund@bemidjistate.edu
Lyle Meulebroeck
Associate Professor
Office: BN 233Box #34
(218) 755-2733
Email: lyle.meulebroeck@bemidjistate.edu
Mr. Steven Sundahl
Associate Professor
Office: BN 237Box #34
(218) 755-2761
Email: steven.sundahl@bemidjistate.edu
David Towley
Assistant Professor
Office: BN 230Box #34
(218) 755-2205
Email: dave.towley@bemidjistate.edu
Adjunct Faculty
Carl MaGaurn
TADT Adjunct
Office: Bridgeman Hall
Email: carl.magaurn@bemidjistate.edu
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