Jacob Freude

Jacob Freude

About Jacob

Hello, and welcome to my page! I’m Jacob Freude, although most people simply call me “J”. I’ll be graduating this May with a Bachelor of Science in Exhibit and Graphic Design. I’m a designer, musician, and visual artist. Creating things is my passion. From self-directing kung fu movies in my childhood to composing and performing music today, making things has always been an important part of my life. One day, I aspire to direct a team of other like-minded creatives to make stunning and innovative things together. Following graduation, I plan to pursue a career in the design industry, where I will foster my own skills and promote creativity in those around me.

Presentation Description

The presentation that I will be sharing will include projects from both of my categories of study: Exhibit and Graphic Design. A portable museum to spread awareness of Generation Genius, a two-floor interactive exhibit for 3form, and various 2D projects will be among these projects. I believe that they will successfully illustrate my approach to the creative process and use of the principles required for impactful design

Social and Portfolio Links

Student Portfolio Presentation |12:00 PM (Central Standard Time)
  • Location: BN 100
  • Second Session: 1:50-2:30 PM
  • Zoom Link: 910 9991 4090
Presentation Reviewers
  • Kayla DeJong
  • Wyatt Weking
  • Chris Ybarra

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