Jacob Rosenblum

About Jacob

Hello, my name is Jake Rosenblum. I will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Design with emphasis in Graphic and Exhibit Design, and a minor in Studio Arts. I have spent my time at the TAD school trying out as many things as I can to just enjoy making. Because I have been studying all three, I have a wide variety of work. I have had fun with every project I have been a part of. It has also amounted to a list of skills and knowledge I can’t wait to take to the professional world. I hope you enjoy my senior portfolio presentation; it is some of my favorite recent work. 

Presentation Description

The projects compiled in my senior portfolio are of all kinds. There are two of my most recent experience designs, three recent graphic design projects, and my favorite photography series. I have my LinkedIn and portfolio website linked below with all my work if you want to check it out, Thank you. 

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Student Portfolio Presentation
  • Location: BN 301
  • Second Session: 1:50-2:30 PM Central Standard Time
  • Zoom Link: 962 9277 2011
Presentation Reviewers
  • Ashley Kiecker
  • Lisa Vosika
  • Chris Ellerbroek

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