Thank you for participating as reviewers and attendees.

Please note, each review session will last 1.5 hrs, with the same set of reviewers assessing 2 students. There will be a short break between students (10 min maximum) during which time Zoom Reviewers will be able to meet in a Breakout room. They will be called back when the second student is ready. There is no need to log off between the students, but if you become disconnected simply follow the same link you originally used to get back in.

Links to each student’s Zoom meeting are provided on their pages. Simply click on their names to view their Bio, preview their presentations, and download/upload the Reviewer Evaluation Forms you’ll need.

10:00-10:40 AM (Central Standard Time)

10:50-11:30 AM (Central Standard Time)

1:00-1:40 AM (Central Standard Time)

1:50-2:30 AM (Central Standard Time)