Annabelle Averkamp

About Annabelle

Hi, my name is Anna Averkamp. I am from Milwaukee, WI and I am a 5th-year senior obtaining my Bachelor of Science in Design with emphases in Graphic and Exhibit Design and a minor in Studio Art. Along with school, I play collegiate volleyball for Bemidji State University. Being a student-athlete, I learned to collaborate ideas and grow my teamwork skills. I am excited about this opportunity to present my best work to you!

Presentation Description

I will be sharing three of my most recent design projects with you. The first is a graphic design project. When my hairstylist decided to venture out on her own, she approached me to create a new brand identity for her. Second, I will present an exhibit design for March Madness. Lastly, I will be creating a yearbook and event program for the local gymnastics studio in town, Gym Bin. I hope you enjoy my presentation, and I am looking forward to presenting it to you.

Social and Portfolio Links

LinkedIn- Anna Averkamp

Student Portfolio Presentation

  • Location: BN 301
  • Second Session: 1:00-1:40 PM
  • Zoom Link: 962 9277 2011

Presentation Reviewers

  • Ashley Kiecker
  • Lisa Vosika
  • Chris Ellerbroek

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