Ally Straus

Me living my best life.

About Ally

Hello all, my name is Ally Straus! I’ll be graduating this spring with a Bachelor of Science in both Exhibit and Graphic Design. I’m a creator, snowboarder, professional outdoor educator, musician, maker of things, and a multi-medium artist. I love living my life bold and colorful, whether it’s in my art or the things I do. I’m currently a Design Intern with Simonson Design Studios, learning the ins and outs of 3D design and building customer relationships like no other. I’m moving to Minneapolis this fall in hopes of finding a design position that enables me to grow as a creator.

Presentation Description

The presentation I will be sharing includes two of my biggest passion projects I’ve created this year. My first project entails a sketch, graphic, and skateboard showcasing the evolution of my creative process. My second project I will be sharing consists of an experience created in the form of exhibit space. I am excited to share a bit about me while giving you a look at the unique work I produce.

Student Portfolio Presentation | 1:00 PM (Central Standard Time)
Presentation Reviewers
  • Josh Frisbie
  • Angela Johnson
  • Dane Giles
  • Mary Strukel

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