Austin Fiedler

Drawing inspiration from Minnesota’s Woodland

aBOUT Austin

My name is Austin Fiedler. Throughout my time here at BSU, I’ve pursued not one, but two degrees in both Graphic Design and Creative Writing respectively. As both a Graphic Designer and a Creative Writer, my unique skillsets conjoin in the form of print. After spending two years perfecting my layout skills as the Design Editor for the Northern Student magazine and crafting rich assortments of short stories in my Writing Workshop classes, I now have everything I need to generate purely unified content with pages designed and written by the same creative individual.

Presentation Description

This presentation will feature a variety of 2D printed materials, ranging from published magazine spreads to hand-illustrated novellas. Enjoy taking an in-depth look at my process of creating an effective magazine article, and explore how art and text can mutually complement one another. This experience will be hosted entirely through Zoom for your safety and leisure.  

Student Portfolio Presentation | 2:00 PM (Central Standard Time)
Presentation Reviewers
  • Michael Lee 
  • Travis Glowasky 
  • Josh Heriot 

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