Becca Nelson

“This is hard, but we can do hard things.” – Dr. Sachel Josefson

aBOUT Becca

Hello! My name is Becca Nelson and I am an Exhibit and Graphic Designer from Hackensack, Minnesota. Growing up, I had always loved creating things and thinking of new ways to experience a space- by this I mean constantly rearranging furniture and decorating whenever and wherever possible. HGTV, DIY’s and SIMS were my jam. At fourteen I was lucky enough to obtain a job at a gift store in my hometown, that eventually evolved into visual merchandising position. Here is where I absolutely fell in love with using my skills to intentionally create an environment that shaped an impactful customer experience. This job gave me my first glimpse of how I could use my design skills to make a positive impact on the world- even if it’s a small one. Having been a part of the exhibit and graphic design programs here at Bemidji State for three years now has provided me with hard skills, soft skills, confidence, industry experience, and a design family that I am more than proud to be a part of. I am extremely passionate and thankful to be pursuing a career in design.

Presentation Description

I will be presenting a combination of exhibit and graphic design projects to show my skills as a multi-faceted designerThese will include a pop-up brand experience, retail space re-design, and a graphic branding project. I will be taking you through my design process so that you can understand the work that went into my work” and gain a better understanding of how I came to my final design solution. Please join me during my presentation time to view my work, give feedback, or just say hi! I hope to see you there! 

Student Portfolio Presentation | 3:00 PM (Central Standard Time)
Presentation Reviewers
  • Amanda Lembke 
  • Bryon Thompson 
  • Nicholas Bruggeman 
  • Michael McMahon
  • Breanne Rotondo 

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