Emily Kohlhof

Mauva visits the “Maiden’s Tree” of Dueling Peaks Field

aBOUT Emily

Emily grew up in Shakopee Minnesota watching action and fantasy movies which inspired their creativity. From a young age, she has enjoyed dreaming up worlds, characters, and their stories. Now as a designer and illustrator they put their creativity to use in colorful projects. 

Some of Emily’s favorite pastimes are playing video games on their Switch and binge watching new anime. She will talk your ear off about Jujutsu Kaisen’s well written characters if you let her. 

Presentation Description

Emily’s body of work encompasses many genres and creative mediums but today they will guide you through a short journey of their digital art and designs. Emily’s inspirations pull a great deal from stories of fantasy and fiction. Her first project is a tarot deck called “The Fool’s Journey” which marries mysticism and colorful whimsey. Their second project is an imaginative magazine mock-up for the fictional magazine “Hero Monthly.” In the world of My Hero Academia, heroes are akin to celebrities and Hero Monthly is the gossip mag providing all the hot tea spills a stan could want. 

Student Portfolio Presentation | 3:00 PM (Central Standard Time)
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