Gabrielle Winterlin

About Gabrielle

Hi, I am Gabrielle and I’m graduating as an Exhibit and Graphic Designer with a minor in Studio Arts. Originally from Andover Minnesota, I came to Bemidji State because I was drawn to their Exhibit Design program. I find the idea of creating physical spaces based around experiences to be a captivating and unique process. Despite not having a definite goal for my future, I am always exciting to learn new things and I feel like the Art and Design world will allow me to continue to grow as a designer and pursue what I love to do.

Presentation Description

This year, I was given the opportunity to really be creative with my projects. For my presentation, I want to showcase projects not only from this year, but also how my past projects and what I have learned has influenced my designs today. I will be showcasing my idea for a new musical experience that is based around traveling to and supporting local communities, as well as a look at a new design for packaging in the gaming industry.

Student Portfolio Presentation | 3:00 PM (Central Standard Time)
Presentation Reviewers
  • Casey Baron
  • Dana Esposito
  • Jeff Hannah
  • Chris Ybarra

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