Construction and Facility Management


Build the Future.

Construction and Facility Managers develop the contemporary landscape of cities and countries. Their work is a reflection demonstrated through our modern buildings and the products that we use in our life.

This degree consists of a broad based industrial, technical and professional core of Project Management courses supplemented with construction and facility management applications, theories, and practices. Students are exposed to other influences such as professional business courses, technical hands-on skills, problem solving, operations management and design technologies, which help broaden their scope of the modern construction industry.

Why Construction and Facility Management?

  • Hands-on experience in many technical labs.
  • Help build your community.
  • Lead the future development of construction and other industry.
  • Industry benefit packages are better than most.
  • Construction and Facility Managers have numerous opportunities in the growing construction & production industry.
  • Good wages.

Income Potential

Career Outlook

There are many career opportunities for Bemidji State University Technology, Art, and Design graduates. Most Construction and Facility Management graduates find employment in their field within the first year of graduation. Our students can be found in management positions in The Rottlund Co. Inc. (residential home construction), Kraus/Anderson Construction Co. Inc. (commercial construction), Fagen Inc. (heavy, industrial construction) and interning at The Institute of Environmental Assessment. For more information visit Career Outlooks at career services.


More Information

Program Coordinator

Please contact Dr. Tim Brockman to discuss your degree options and learn more about the program.

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